March 2018 Update

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Wow. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we’ve last posted. Time flies when you’re a stress ridden, anxious mess running on minimal sleep. Instead of a normal post on a medical topic or education, I thought I’d just give a small update on our lives for the two or three people who read this blog (hi dad).

Time flies, never to be recalled.

- Virgil

It’s hard to know where to begin, so I guess I’ll just start with the highlights. So much has happened this year! We took a much needed end-of-medical-school vacation to New Zealand and were blown away by the scenery and nature. I think half of our Instagram pictures come directly from that trip (with minimal to no filters needed). If all of our family wasn’t here, I think we’d try to move there to practice. We were engaged halfway through a 5-day, 33 mile backpacking trip through the Milford Sound (SHE SAID YES!), Mike pet a baby seal during a 3-day solo kayaking trip, and we were harassed by mountain parrots. I want to go back!



For those who don’t know, we’ve had a difficult year. Mike didn’t match last year (applying for a stupidly competitive specialty, and DO residencies being destroyed by the merger don’t help), and took a clinical research position at an amazing program in hopes of improving his application this cycle. Unfortunately, despite being a great opportunity, he had to move over 500 miles away. We’ve been doing long distance since June. It’s not very fun; I don’t recommend it. But at least it paid off! Mike matched into a great program, and finds out where he matched for intern year today. Only a few more months until we are reunited!

Nicole has been trudging through intern year and all the long nights, angry patients, and stress that come along with it. Residency has been a huge adjustment from medical school, but it comes with more responsibility and thus a more rewarding experience (though being an intern is almost as bad as being a third year student – poop rolls down hill and you’re at the bottom). There has definitely been some truth to stigma associated with internal medicine residencies in big cities in the North East: you do a lot of blood draws, transport a lot of patients, and do a lot of other scut that we didn’t see as much in medical school. Hopefully second year is a little better.

Now that the match is over and Mike is wrapping up his research projects, we have quite a bit to look forward to. In a few months we’re taking another big trip to Peru (I know, I know: TWO BIG TRIPS???… but the travel itch is too strong)! It’s my first trip to a non-English speaking country and neither one of us are Spanish fluent. Coming from Los Angeles, we’re pretty comfortable with the basics using our broken Spanglish but are probably doomed if we get lost.  We are also planning on getting a rescue dog, which will be… interesting. We’re going to be pressed for time as residents, but I think he or she will bring immeasurable joy to our lives.

Now the real question is… what kind of dog should we get? Any opinions?

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