Pass/Fail Medical Schools

I abhor grades – if a [medical student] does his best, that’s all that should be asked. -Richard Dawson   Medical School Grades and Grading Systems If you’re looking to apply for medical school in the U.S., then you are very familiar with A-F grading and the 4.0 grade point system. Virtually all undergraduate programs…Continue Reading “Grading Systems: Pass/Fail Medical Schools”

Special Masters Program, MPH, Oh my!

Medical school is notoriously difficult to get into. In fact, the American Association of Medical Colleges posts that only ~39.2% of applicants gained admission in the 2015 application cycle. This number is shocking in and of itself, but in reality these statistics can be much more ominous depending on a number of factors. For example,…Continue Reading “SMPs, Post Bacs , and MPHs oh my!”