Osteopathic Residencies

               Every year, over 40,000 thousand medical students spend thousands of dollars applying and interviewing for residency positions. In addition to the substantial financial costs, every student agonizes over their application and anxiously waits for interview invitations. Couples have an even more difficult time through the process! However, this…Continue Reading “The AOA Restricts 3-year Emergency Medicine Osteopathic Residencies”

The Couple’s Matching process feels more like a slot machine than a matching service.   Here is the second half of our NRMP Couple’s Matching Tips for your medical residency! You can find the first five tips in Part 1 here. Also check out our other posts on matching, like our initial matching strategy and our…Continue Reading “NRMP Couples Matching Tips (Part 2)”

Effective May 1, 2017, AACOMAS will include all course attempts in the GPA calculation. This change applies to students matriculating into the 2018-2019 academic year. In the event of multiple attempts of the same course, AACOMAS will no longer drop initial course attempts from the GPA calculation. – From the AACOM website.       …Continue Reading “Osteopathic Grade Replacement Ends”

Ophthalmology Surgery Residents

  A big change is coming to the way medical students are paired (matched) with post-graduate training positions (residencies). Historically, there have been two “matches”: the smaller Osteopathic only match, and the larger ACGME match that allows both traditional Allopathic (MD) and Osteopathic (DO) graduates to participate. The two different match programs also have two…Continue Reading “Is This the End of Osteopathic Surgery?”

So you’ve taken all your pre-requisite classes, took the Medical College Application Test (MCAT), and have spent the recommended time volunteering/shadowing/being a lab minion. It’s time to apply to medical school! But wait… something’s wrong. Maybe it was a “C+” in Organic Chemistry, or a less than stellar MCAT score (or even a combo of…Continue Reading “To DO or not to DO? – Should I Apply to Osteopathic Medical School?”