The Couple’s Matching process feels more like a slot machine than a matching service.   Here is the second half of our NRMP Couple’s Matching Tips for your medical residency! You can find the first five tips in Part 1 here. Also check out our other posts on matching, like our initial matching strategy and our…Continue Reading “NRMP Couples Matching Tips (Part 2)”

The Unexpected Driver's Seat

This article was originally posted on the blog of Dr. Linda Girgis. I would definitely recommend checking out her blog for more interesting and thoughtful posts! In the United States, our society strongly values the principles of individuality, liberty, and freedom. This mentality is especially apparent in the hospital, where the vast majority of patients are…Continue Reading “The Unexpected Drivers Seat: Medical Decision making for the Intellectually Disabled”

Medical Mnemonics Antibiotics

“The trouble with being a hypochondriac these days is that the antibiotics have cured all the good diseases.”  – Caskie Stinnet Prescribing antibiotics is one of the most basic things a physician does… which is why it’s so embarrassing when I am often unsure what to give for certain infections. Now I can memorize a few…Continue Reading “Medical Mnemonic Series: Antibiotics Cheat Sheet”

Medical Mnemonics A-fib

“There are strings in the human heart that had better not be vibrated” – Charles Dickens On of the best things about rotating on the Cardiology service is that no patient is a surprise. I get told why I am going to see every patient on every consult. Even better, I get a chance to…Continue Reading “Medical Mnemonic Series: Atrial Fibrillation”

Medical Mnemonics Laxatives

“I wish that being famous helped prevent me from being constipated.” – Marvin Gaye I’m about to embark on my last difficult rotation of my medical school career, the dreaded Surgical Sub-Internship (or Sub-I). On this rotation I’m supposed to act like a true intern, and am supposedly given more responsibility and carry more patients. For those…Continue Reading “Medical Mnemonic Series: Laxatives”

Audition Rotations

During your fourth year, many students plan on doing one or more rotations outside of their home medical school. Often termed “Aways” or “Audition” rotations, these months can help you show interest in programs that may otherwise not grant you an interview invitation. Most allopathic (MD) students do one or two away rotations, while Osteopathic…Continue Reading “How to Schedule and Plan for Your Audition Rotations”