Osteopathic Residencies

               Every year, over 40,000 thousand medical students spend thousands of dollars applying and interviewing for residency positions. In addition to the substantial financial costs, every student agonizes over their application and anxiously waits for interview invitations. Couples have an even more difficult time through the process! However, this…Continue Reading “The AOA Restricts 3-year Emergency Medicine Osteopathic Residencies”


Many medical students lose the love of reading during medical school. This loss of passion is probably related to the massive quantity of medical books and journal articles that we are forced to read every day. It’s hard enough to come home after a 12-hour clinic shift and still read/review for 1-2 hours, not to…Continue Reading “10 Must Read Non Medical Books for Medical Students and When to Read Them”

Pass/Fail Medical Schools

I abhor grades – if a [medical student] does his best, that’s all that should be asked. -Richard Dawson   Medical School Grades and Grading Systems If you’re looking to apply for medical school in the U.S., then you are very familiar with A-F grading and the 4.0 grade point system. Virtually all undergraduate programs…Continue Reading “Grading Systems: Pass/Fail Medical Schools”

The Couple’s Matching process feels more like a slot machine than a matching service.   Here is the second half of our NRMP Couple’s Matching Tips for your medical residency! You can find the first five tips in Part 1 here. Also check out our other posts on matching, like our initial matching strategy and our…Continue Reading “NRMP Couples Matching Tips (Part 2)”