Have you ever wondered if your doctor ever passed out at the sight of blood? What she thinks of the new fad diet? Or even how many brain cells you lose while binge watching Orange is the New Black? Then you may be in the right place. Welcome to TwoGreenDocs! We are two student physicians currently in our last year of medical school. Our aim is to provide insight into modern healthcare practices, medical education, and overall wellness based on the experiences gained throughout our education and training.


Hi! My name is Mike, and I am the male half of this duo. Despite growing up a city kid, I have a passion for the great outdoors. My other interests include medical education, politics, and healthcare legislation.  If you see posts about how to study, the physiology of hypothermia, or commentary on the newest government regulations, chances are that I wrote it. I leave the brainer topics to my better half. 

I love to work with my hands, and am (predictably) pursuing a surgical specialty. 





Nicole is the prettier and more educated member of the team. She has a background in women's health, public health policy, and nutrition. During the few hours she doesn't spend rounding on patients, Nicole enjoys vegan/healthy baking, fitness, and debating Westworld conspiracy theories. She is also known to sneak her poetry into our posts, so keep an eye out. 

She is currently pursuing a residency in Internal Medicine.